Alex mccoy 

A lifelong Washingtonian, avid traveller & burger flipper, Alex created Alfie's after many years of traveling to and studying Thai cuisine in SE Asia. Alex was the chef / owner of Duke's Grocery until 2014 & created the menus for a number of DC establishments over the past years. Alex is a cookbook contributor & was featured on "Food Network Star" in 2015 & NBC's "Chopping Block" in 2009. Alex regularly works with local charities and strongly believes that helping up-and-coming chefs and concepts is the best way to build Washington's awesome food scene. 




Our CDC here at Alfie's, Ramin Coles is the glue that keeps this whole operation together. Formerly the head chef of Black Market Bistro, Ramin has worked with some of DC's most celebrated chefs including Jeff Black & Bob Kinked and was a member of Bob Kinked & Tracy O'Grady's 1998 Bocus d'or team . An Olney boy & L'Academie graduate, Ramin couldn't imagine cooking anywhere else in the world! 





The ronin bartender. Fabian Malone is the mad scientist  who makes sure your glass is always full of tasty spirits. Fabian has a penchant for using obscure ingredients in his recipes, especially if they are locally produced. A DC boy, born and raised, Fabian has been part of the DC cocktail scene for many years.